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In what language will the program be conducted?
All classes will be taught in English.

Could there be Israeli students enrolled in the program?
Yes, we aim to mix classes and believe that this is the best way to develop dialogue with Israelis and familiarize international students with Israeli society.

How many credits will I take in the program?
40 credits in Track B (10 courses) and 32 credits in Track A (8 courses).

What is the difference between Track A and B?
In Track A the student writes a thesis. The subject will be determined together with an advisor.

What is the duration of the program?
The program takes place over three semesters from October through August - three classes each semester plus the Field Campus.

What is the Field Campus?
The Field Campus is the peak of the studies at the University of Haifa. Students, together with academic program staff, will spend three days and two nights in one of the most historically rich regions in Israel and will be exposed to the areas' complexities from the past and present. Students will meet public figures and Israeli citizens with the aim to develop dialogue and familiarity with Israeli society. The cost of the field campus is included in the tuition fees.

What are the program costs?
Tuition is $8,900, service fees and health insurance is $600. Tuition does not include the cost of accommodations and meals. Housing in the university dormitories is available at a cost of $450 per month.

What if I have academic questions regarding the courses and studies?
Each student will have an academic advisor who will solve any problem to the best of his/her ability.

How can I know who is my academic advisor?
Your advisor will be determined in the beginning of the program. Your interim advisor is the head of the program, Prof. Gur Alroey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Will there be websites for the courses?
Yes, each course will have a supporting website. All of the reading assignments will be available on the course website.

What if I would like to expand the reading?
The University of Haifa library is one of the most advanced of its kind in Israel with a very rich collection of books, journals, e-journals, contemporary newspapers and online media. The library houses a large collection of both English and Hebrew books, as well as smaller collections of books in other languages.

Are the restaurants and cafeterias in the campus Koshers?
There are several coffee shops and student restaurants on campus. All eating establishments are kosher.

Where are the dorms located?
The dorms are located on campus, a two-minute walk from the multi-purpose building and a five-minute walk from the main building (Eshkol Tower). Many students also prefer to rent apartments off-campus in the residential areas near the campus.

How many roommates in the dorm?
MA students are housed in the Talia Dormitories in apartments of three single rooms, each with its own bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living space.

How far is the campus from the Carmel Centre?
No more than 10 to 20 minutes by bus.

How far is the campus from the Haifa beaches?
20-30 minutes by bus. The Dado beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel with a very nice promenade. All beaches are free entrance.

How far is campus from the train station?
The closest train station is Hof Ha’Carmel with service to the north, centre and south of Israel. Hof Ha’Carmel is 20-30 minutes by bus. Most trains leave every 20 minutes.

Where are bus stops with service into the city located?
There are two bus stops right on campus located outside the Dorms/Multi-Purpose Building and the Eshkol Tower.

The University of Haifa is accessed by several local bus routes:

Bus Number          Destination

24                            Horev, Romema, Hadar, Bat Galim
30                            Horev, Mercaz HaCarmel, French Carmel
36                            Mercaz Ziv, Hadar
37                            Horev, Mercaz HaCarmel, Hadar, Bat Galim
46                            Horev, Haifa Mall, Bus and Train Stations, Beach
141                          Mercaz Ziv, Mifratz Bus Station
143                          Nesher, Mifratz Bus Station
146                          Nesher, Mifratz Bus Station
146                          Horev, Hof HaCarmel Bus Station